Zen is a precision formulated tablet containing a premium combination of research-supported, all-natural ingredients designed to help you relax easier, sleep better, and awake happier for a better tomorrow.

What makes ZEN special?

Most sleep supplements rely upon one ingredient; Melatonin, to produce their effects.  They often overdose it, hoping you will think more is better so they can underdose the remainder of the formula.  Taking too much Melatonin can cause levels to remain high in the morning, leaving you feeling groggy and under slept…exactly what you were trying to avoid by taking a sleep supplement!

Zen uses proper Melatonin dosing so it can do its job without the hangover.  Also, it’s fully disclosed licensed supporting ingredients approach getting to sleep from each unique neurotransmitter system involved in winding down, falling/staying asleep, and waking feeling mentally and physically restored

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