DRINC Clean & Protect Our Planet.

Welcome to DRINC! The first ever ecosocial and eco-friendly community created to inspire a socially popular lifestyle through the consumption of water and elimination of plastic water bottles contributing to saving our planet. Water, the DRINC of LIFE! We are innately social creatures who cannot survive without water. DRINC is bringing community, confidence, social skills, healthy natural resources into everyday life, weekend life, college life, work life, night life, traveling, and coping with life. DRINC invites any person, community, or company who wants to get involved let DRINC Company know your interest. We’re changing the way we drink and preserve our planet one person at a time. We can all feel better, be better, and feel more confidence in who we are by making the healthiest decisions for our own bodies and minds without the judgement of others or feel like we’re not fitting in with social norms. DRINC is a resource, a community, and a lifestyle for every person to know they have a friend, a mentor, an example to turn to vs unhealthy choices. To DRINC Water is to feel good and do good. 

Welcome to DRINC, we hope we’ve inspired you in some way too!

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