The brain is constantly asking the 3 questions:

  • what am I focusing on

  • What does this mean

  • What am I going to do

All behavior is essentially based on these three questions. In addition to the three questions – you can then ask “what do I really want – really?”

With all the activity that occurs each very moment, combined with all the programs we are running in our brain, a behavior is the result. Much of the programs can be unconscious or automatic. The key is to ask great questions throughout the day that can help attract better results. Whilst it is tempting to believe that the results you have might be ok, they can always be better! In fact our very ability to imagine, to look beyond and grow has allowed humanity to evolve so much.

Ask better questions – get better answers.

This is particularly true in business. If you are not getting the results you want – then perhaps you are not asking the right questions!


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