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The healing power of nature has long been established. it’s where we feel most comfortable, even if we don’t always know it – according to Miyazaki. He continues to say that Our physiological functions are still adapted to it: “During everyday life, a feeling of comfort can be achieved if our rhythms are synchronized with those of the environment.”

Throughout our evolution – we have spent 99.9 percent of our time in nature. Today, 90% in the US and 70% of the worldwide population consider urban centers their home. The health implications are serious. Since the age of the Internet, North Americans have become more aggressive, more narcissistic, more distracted, more depressed, less cognitively nimble, and fatter. Interestingly, even during the industrial revolution – scholars were warning against the loss of our connection to nature and the health implications.

Totally connect with nature – feel the ground, touch the leaves, smell the scents and listen to all the sounds. Take it all in and make internal representation of all that naturally comes to you and then notice what you feel. Feel the energy of the world around you and in you. This experience can be your treasure chest of revitalization and the surprise of nature’s gifts as they come forward.

Hang out in the woods

Shower in the greenery

Bring nature home

Visit nature


Less stress

improves cognition

Reduces depression

Lowers blood pressure

Enhances empathy

Try it – schedule it, take the whole family,  and begin to feel the powerful benefits of nature that is freely available to everyone no matter where you are!

amil back to nature my local wellness bart rademaker md

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