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Creativity has spawned all of innovation and it seems we take it mostly for granted. We live in this world today because our creative spirit was not going to settle for the status quo. The greatest innovators were those you envisioned new paradigms and realities that others could not and so totally transform life as we knew it. So why does it seem that it is taken for granted besides the few that actively seek it? Every day your creative spirit is being exercised by solving problems, coming up with new ideas, doing things differently or simply playing. This is all being creative and you could have more of it. The real problem is that most people are actually easily embarrassed with their new ideas simply because most people are afraid to change the status quo and therefore are nay-sayers to those who do think differently. So many give up on their dreams because of the company they keep that is why many entrepreneurs do exclude themselves from the main stream in order to avoid the nay-sayers.

Dare to be creative, dare to dream the dreams no one else will and bring the to reality. The play ground of the mind is being creative as Albert Einstein says. Find a victory in every creation.


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