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Inspiration is knowing that your greatness, your creativity and your contribution is possible.

Learn to let go and free yourself from anything that keeps you from lifting off with your inspiration.

Get in the practice of noticing what you have not noticed before. Be present and notice more and be more easily inspired.

Gratitude practice will make it easier to be inspired.

Here are some other ways to get inspired:

  1. Connect with your spirit and practice mindfulness, silence, meditation or yoga

  2. Practice deep breathing

  3. Experience the magnificence of nature wherever you may find it

  4. Watch the happy abandonment and innocence of children at play

  5. Watch Planet Earth DVDs to experience beauty of the oceans, forests, jungles, Great Plains, and caves.

  6. Immerse in the splendor of nature photos or nature based art(books or online).

  7. Find Inspiration on the Web: quotes, motivational videos

  8. Find tweets with the hashtag #inspiration

  9. Create a vision board with pictures of all of those things.

  10. Find Inspiration in People

  11. Listen to music that moves you and think about what the songwriter felt when s/he wrote it.

  12. list of all the ways your friends and family members are your heroes

  13. Spend time with children and see the world through their eyes.

  14. Write in your journal of your successes, what you are grateful for

  15. Reflect on everything you’ve learned and accomplished and how you’ve made a positive difference in the world.

  16. Connect with your dreams

  17. Write a love list – everything you love

  18. Write down a set of key words that cause you to be inspired

  19. Move your body vigorously and feel the energy and vitality inspire all of you.