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What is dance?

There is an intimate unconscious un apologetic connection between movement responding spontaneously to sound. There seems to be an authenticity taken further, moving naturally to sound as an expression of our deeper selves and the connection with all that is around us.

Gabriel Roth: “The spirit is the dancer offering us the freedom to become ourselves and be witnessed. Our brains automatically respond to the sounds and rhythms and the rhythmic motion of others as well as our selves. The rewards of feeling good, connected and free are fundamental to our health physically and spiritually. No explanation is needed whenever we move and find the flow within us.

Our bodies are designed to move – in fact, they are designed to move a lot and not just on a treadmill. History tells us that dance has been around since the beginning of the human experience as we know it. Dance for the purpose of worship, healing, and expression of the spirit as well as storytelling and the passing on of knowledge and wisdom to younger generations. Dance is a cross cultural phenomenon with each culture having its unique as well as similar expressions of what is important to them and their connection with the elements of their existence.

To dance is to be part of something bigger than oneself as well as to find one self within. It can be the expression of one’s own uniqueness or the desire to be part of a common ritual or experience. Whatever the choice is, dance gives to the body, the mind and the soul a generative and positive experience that provides fuel and the resilience we sometimes need. It also gives us the opportunity to let go and release not only the physiological toxins in our body but the emotional or spiritual ones as well. Our spirit is the dance: the dance through life and the rhythms that we experience. When we dance to the flow of what is around us, we can experience more harmony and balance – this is nurturing to life.

So find time and opportunity to dance – whether is a ritualistic type of dance like ballroom dancing or the spontaneous type like freedom dancing – just go and dance and dance often.



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