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Let your dreams lift you

What is a dream?

Besides the obvious explanation that we dream when we sleep, we commonly refer to dreaming as imagining things as we want them to be. Walt Disney was a good example of this – he dreamed so we could experience the amazing reality he imagined in his dreaming.

We all have a right to our dreams!

Too often in this world we live in we are told in one form or another that we should not pursue our dreams or that they are a waste of time. The truth is – we should. In our pursuit of our happiness – we can resolve what makes us unhappy and reach the dreams that make us happy. Our entire evolution is based on the fact that we dreamed up progress and did something about it.

Leave all the naysayers aside!

Skunk works is a term used when creative brainstorming is protected from the negative feedback of the outside world. Apply this to your creative dreaming and find the resources to make them into reality. That is the purpose of these resource pages – to inspire and give you ideas to move forward with any of your personal dreams.

Dream on:



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