Earthing is the practice of walking barefoot on natural ground with the premise that the electromagnetic field around our body grounds with the natural electromagnetic flow of the earth.

All cells in the body carry what is called an electric potential along their membranes to function normally. Whenever there is an imbalance in this potential, the cell will not function properly and disease can follow. There are many potential reasons why such an imbalance does occur. Proponents of earthing suggest that this imbalance can be normalized largely by the earthing practice. As with anything that is new, there are of course many critics who will try to tear down good ideas. The truth however is that there is not much science to prove that earthing works the way they say it does but common sense says that walking barefoot on natural unpolluted ground is probably a good thing.

Decide for yourself if earthing is a good habit you wish to have. Here are some resources that might help you and read Dr Weil’s own perspective on earthing.


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