What if everything could have a better meaning? What if bad things could be good and average things could be great!

This is no delusion – it is the art of finding greater meaning or significance in everything. Rather than an event be a crisis, perhaps it can be an opportunity. In fact, everything can be viewed as an opportunity to greatness. Re-framing to greatness is not an escape from reality or an avenue of denial of the truth. The purpose of this re-framing is to find the gem in any experience – good, bad or indifferent. With a positive and generative (creative) mindset, lies the opportunity for something better.

You can practice this mindset with all things. To do this, decide what to focus on, what it means, what is great and what can be greater.  The 52 weeks success plan describes the benefits for this habit. There is more on the page of reframing.

You can live life at a much higher vibration by reframing to greatness – changing the meaning of any experience to something, not just different but to great!

The following information describes several internet articles as well as books on Amazon that you might find helpful.

Internet Articles