Forgiveness starts and finishes with self. Start by forgiving yourself and realize you don’t have to apologize to the world who you are. It seems we are apologizing too much for our own innocence – so forgive yourself first and let it go and be free to be you.

By the same token -free others of the negative energy that is held captive in your spirit. Forgive them too because its about your stuff not theirs. You are not responsible for what other people do – you are only responsible for self. Don’t own their stuff – forgive, let it go and realize – they have their own human experience. Whatever they are doing makes sense in one way or another. They are doing the best they can with the resources they have – don’t keep them captive.

Forgiveness is not to be willed, its not a moral issue – it is a survival issue. We defend ourselves from the perceived dangers in the world by being angry at the indiscretions of others to ourselves – as we perceive them in our model of the world. This model is different than what is traditionally taught. We can’t presume that they are in alignment with ours and therefore feel the same. They are trying to survive as much as you are.

Forgive, let go, forgive self and no need to apologize who you are – honor it and learn to be even better.