The phrase broken down record refers to running or repeating the same pattern or program that does not work over and over again. The metaphor to “scratch up your record” (…the one does not work), means to interrupt the pattern and so it no longer can run in your life. Practitioners in neuro linguistic programming use this technique to abolish a non productive program and replace it with one that is productive.

Have you ever been in a lively conversation with someone to only have it be interrupted by a phone call and as you return to the your earlier conversation – you can’t remember what you were saying. This type of interruption happens all the time. So how can you use this concept to interrupt your negative or non productive thinking?

First step: admit to being in the negative.

Second step: do something dramatic! An example – stand up or stomp your feet and say “STOP” or anything else that resonates with a complete resolve or commitment that you do not tolerate this mindset or this thinking any longer: YOU’RE DONE!

Third: notice the sense of relief, promise or even excitement that your life is not going to be governed by this type thinking.

Fourth: decide what you do want – REALLY! Forget the “shoulds” or what other people expect – decide what you want for “you”

Fifth: Just do it! Do what you said you would.

Part of the challenge that we some times face with negative emotions or negative thinking – we don’t think of an easy alternative to replace the negative thought. All you do is just imagine what the complete opposite of the negativity is, verbalize clearly and then add some adjectives to make it even more meaningful and powerful.