This is what you might experience during a retreat

  1. Rediscover “you” and connect with your spirit
  2. Reduce stress
  3. Allow your body, mind and spirit time to heal & rejuvenate
  4. Increase creativity, energy
  5. Learn tools and strategies to make the changes you desire
  6. Create more positive feelings and joy into your life
  7. Release and heal old stuff
  8. Learn to trust and use your intuition

A retreat is a departure from the normal obligations and stresses of life where you can focus on recovering, regenerating, healing, and expanding yourself. Not unlike our rhythm of sleep patterns, we need a cycle of recharging all parts of us. Creative people find great benefits from periodic retreats whereby they can tap into their own creative genius without all the external interruptions.

Retreats are not an invention of present times. The ancient took active part in them as well even whilst the intrusion of the crazy modern world was not there. Understand then even greater importance of having it now. The most successful people understand that taking care of self results in better health and productivity and success in their lives. Why should you deny yourself of that?

The objective of a retreat is to slow down and even turn off. Best to go with an intention and so enabling you to select the right type of retreat.

There are many types of retreat with a primary focus on yoga, meditation, fitness, spiritual, nutritional and others. Pick the one that is right for you.

During the retreats which can be structured or unstructured the objective is to be removed from most of modern life’s intrusion including phones, internet the need to make business decision etc. This is the time to meditate, be silent, and slow the mind down.

Select a place that inspires you geographically or specifically suits what you are looking to do/achieve

You can use this time to undergo specific medical examinations / treatments

Other benefits

Explore the new you and find new and better perspectives about yourself, life, other the world, your job and implement new perspectives that serve you better.

Create new ideas, inventions or creations of art and innovation because you gave your mind the chance to process all that you know and don’t know without all the disturbances or interruptions that take you away from the creations and genius waiting inside of you

Connection with self, your soul, your spirit, with source, the universe find that etheric connection that affects us all. Allow the energy of the universe to nurture you

Allow the electromagnetic field of the earth with its healing powers enter and connect with your systems to cause recalibration of your bodies fields.

Find inspiration in the beautiful: in sight, sound, touch, taste and smell, and indulge in all new things or old ones that inspire your spirit and be in touch with the wonder of life

Be in nature and hear it speak to you as you listen silently next to a waterfall or listen to the crashing waves or just the bristle of leaves.

Connect with others and be inspired by their journeys and find new empowering perspectives for your own life. Discover new things to learn and grow or to contribute in your life.

Have the opportunity to let go of the non essential, to thank them for their contributions till now and release their burden on you today.

Be inspired to return to a more simple life, with less challenges to you and discover heightened peace.

Recommit to what is important to you in life as you regain your valuation of the importance of them.

How to get the most out of a retreat is to go with specific intentions:

On a retreat – decide what you need, decide new perspectives in life that you want

It is time to remove toxins and cleanse the body?

It is time to engage in treatments that bring back harmony through healing modalities like massage, energy work and other types of therapies?

Discover and implement healthy nutritional habits and learn about better solutions for the future

Inspired education to learn and to engage in new practices at home in the future

Discover a new appreciation of all the things around you and find gratitude

Discover new things that can contribute to your wellbeing in the future

Recharge the mind and body

Opportunity to experience and implement lifestyle changes that will not only prolong your life but enhance its quality

Start with a new functional medicine or fitness program

Personal enrichment

Re ignite your dreams

Yoga and meditation

Detoxification and cleansing

And finally some important things to consider:

The cost

The location

The qualification, credentials or experience of the staff

The focus of the retreat

Who else goes there

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