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Abraham Maslows Hierarchy


What would your life be like if you where everything you thought you could be? What if you new there was 20x more of you in you and that you could have this?

There is a great quote: “Hell on earth to meet the man I could have been!”

The question you should ask – why would you want to meet this man – why don’t you want to be that man?

There are many stories we tell ourselves to explain our situation and why we do not have the success we desire / deserve. Others just get lost in the dream or fantasy of what could be and do nothing to acquire it. One of the dangers of great story tellers – is that they satiate our emotional needs and stop us from moving forward to actually experience the story for ourselves. Of course this is an individual choice.

Self actualization is that very process to decide what is possible for self and take the action to acquire and never give up until it is achieved. In our pursuit of happiness we will find more wholeness and fulfillment and live a life on purpose.





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