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How much are you off target with your time? If you got back  all the time you wasted – what would you do with it?  how would life be different if you used all that time to follow the dreams you did not?

There is still time to pursue any of your dreams!

Use the block schedule provided on this link: block schedule and follow these seven steps:


First: decide where you are losing the time.

Second: Block schedule the important parts of your life: sleep, work, personal time.

Third: decide how you will spend the rest of the time in any three or four categories besides the ones just mentioned.

Fourth: determine if the time allocated is balanced and right for you.

Five: within each block of time: organize and plan how the time will be spent.

Six: schedule and commit.

Seven: get constant feedback: are you on target with each of the blocks and if not – ask yourself, what must change.

Anthony Robbins is brilliant in time management. He has a simple system that can create extraordinary results. He built this system out of his own necessity in managing fourteen different companies. Watch is videos or get his programs. Even better, get a Tony Robbins coach and go to one of his events.


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