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Everyone loves a compliment!

Compliments are such a wonderful addition to our daily lives – do more of it!

Be generous with compliments and giving value to others. An interesting truism – give to others what they want and you will get what you want.

Some thoughts about compliments:

Giving a genuine compliment is about being aware and identifying what is special about someone else and unapologetically letting them know. Noticing someone else also shows you have an interest in them and care about them. In our busy world – it is easy to lose site of those around you. Even strangers welcome the spontaneous compliment. Compliments elevate the mood (unless you filter your life from a bad mood then everything is negative).

The art of complimenting is simple – be honest and have a genuine reason for it. Best to substantiate the claim:

“I love your smile – its contagious and now I am smiling”

“You have great handwriting – easy to read and reminds me that I should be more neat.”

“I love your art work – it inspires me to be creative too”


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