values hierarchy 1

We all value certain things in a specific order or importance (hierarchy of values), and the order in which these are  important will also determine what decisions you make. Knowing your values and the order is helpful to understand why you do what you do.  To make a change in your life, know your values and keep them constantly in your awareness.

Make a list of your top ten values or  pick from a list provided for you – and print it if that makes it easier: values 2015.

How do values matter:

Values lie at the foundation of all that we do together with our beliefs. see illustration below:


iceberg on values hierarchy

Ends vs means values:

As we value certain experiences or states like “love”, “happiness”, “success” these are called end states or values. The feeling you desire to experience. The means value is the state or focus/intention to achieve the specific end state or value: “acceptance”, “discipline”, “awareness”. “focus”. And whilst some of these means values van also be end values, the are mainly process states to get the more fundamental value of say happiness. For example having awareness and acceptance help lead to happiness.

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