Anthony Robbins is a master in teaching us the importance of the words we use. Whilst only 7% of the way we communicate are the actual words (the rest is body language and tone of voice) it’s the actual words that carry the meaning. Choosing our words gives specific meaning to our experience. Studies show that 50% of the time our conversation is negative while only 30% is in positive and the remaining 20% is neutral. As Tony Robbins reminds us, there are approximately 3000 words in the English language that express emotion of which more than two thirds are negative. Clearly our choices for negative words is greater.

What do you want and how do negative words really help you. Vocabulary shift is just like shifting gears of a car. Shift your focus on something that works better for you and positive words do. Often times however, we don’t have a quick recall of these words. Practice using better words.

Here are some inks that might help.










Author’s note

There are other reports that suggest that the English language actually uses more positive words than negative. The reports listed below indicate that. Irrespective of which study is more accurate, negative words can be harmful on many different levels. We add these references for your benefit and simply remember – you can choose more positive thinking to benefit you.