Anything worth doing – is worth doing well!

It is interesting – if you google this statement – you will find more narratives about not having to do it well! This is interesting because it almost seems it is giving someone permission to not really try hard enough or that a mediocre effort is ok. Additionally it seems that it tells people that you shouldn’t even try to be extraordinary.

There is a 20x factor in everyone – an amazing underlying potential in everyone that is not being tapped because the narrative is telling us not to.

Listen to the exponential entrepreneur – they have a different narrative: with passion they will say “fail often, fail quickly and fail forward”. Said differently – they do everything well and often times it will not succeed but its not because of a lack of trying – in fact – the fail very well. Failure is that seed to success. And success they will reach with the mindset of doing things really well- and the better you do it the better the answers or results.

Having said all this , do whatever it is that you do with that commitment to do the best you can and not worry how people will judge you for failing.

Another way to look at it is how the Genius Walt Disney said it: